I’ve worked in the games industry for over a dozen years but that doesn’t mean I hunker down in the corner of the bar telling war stories about Silicon Graphics workstations and “animating the old-fashioned way”. I’ve kept my excitement and sense of wonder while I’ve gained tons of technical and practical experience.

The lion’s share of my career has been in animation. While working on sports games, I learned the complex movements of three different sports and re-created them with motion capture and key frame techniques. I’ve managed animation teams and created production pipelines.


In recent years, I’ve shifted my expertise to technical animation and motion graphics. On an MMO for Sony Online Entertainment, I created the architecture for the animations in the  Unreal 3 Engine and worked side-by-side with the engineering team to make the animation look great.


In June, I completed the Project Management program at the University of Washington. That education, along with the experience of shipping multiple games on four different platforms, makes me a great addition to any visual development team.